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Having my fairy cake and eating it update.

July 25, 2013

Hello everybody. okay so as I am back I wanted to let you know how I have been getting along with my weight loss and also give you and update on the gorgeous Katiepops and her progress too.

Admittedly it has been some weeks since my last post on this subject and it would be time consuming and pointless to go back week by week and detail everything that has gone on. With that in mind I am basically going to tell you where I am up to now and why, and then where I hope to be heading in the future.

Ok…. so here goes. Since I joined weight watchers on 3rd January I have lost 26 pounds in total, that equates to .92 of a pound each week, this just falls short of the 1-2 pound per week recommended by weight watchers. I will admit that I do find this more than a little frustrating as I would so much love it to be nearer the 1.5 – 2 pound per week, but when I look at the bigger picture and put it into context it doesn’t seem quite so bad, as I have a few mitigating factors as follows:

Due to the fibromyalgia my day to day has been minimal during this period and exercise has pretty much been off the menu.
The medication that I take for the fibro and the fibro itself can cause weight gain and make it harder to lose weight. Not sure about the science behind this but I think it may be linked to slowing metabolism.
Recent busyness has seen me slip into bad habits.

So here is a pic taken a couple of weeks ago



And here is one from November 2012, hopefully you can see the difference.


So there you go that felt a little bit like confession time haha. All of this said I do feel that I should pat myself on the back that 28 weeks later (sounds like a horror movie) I am still going at it. All of these things including my perceived slowness of the weight loss could easily give me an excuse to fall of the wagon long term but you know what thats not going to happen. I have an end goal in sight and added to that I can feel physical and mental benefits of losing weight already and I am still easily 3-4 stone overweight so I can’t imagine how good it will feel to get to goal. I did start weight watchers this time knowing that it was going to be a change for life rather than something to do until I have lost my weight, so slower than desired results and the occasional wobble are only to be expected and are certainly not going to phase me.

There it is theres the update, so looking forward what am I hoping for, well this would seem like a good time to go back to the original structure of the having my fairy cake and eating it posts.

What has inspired me recently

My mum, she has a lot less weight to lose than me so its gettting harder for her as it is slowing down a bit. Also she had a really really busy and stressful time at work recently, plus we have had back to back cakes to do and she has really stuck at it and been a great support to me, so she has certainly inspired me to carry on.

What has worked well for me

Being determined. Even though I have had ups and downs recently I am still determined to get to my goal and determined to conquer my weight forever.

What have I struggled with recently

Being busy and being organised. Recently at home we have been building a porch, dealing with poorly pups, decorating cakes and also taking on extra responsibility at work so all in all I have been flat out and not been keeping my trackers/journal filled in and I can honestly say journalling is one of the most important things for keeping me on track!

What are my hopes for the weeks ahead

Well the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get back to the gym and doing yoga so I would like to keep that up. Also I would like to have a weight loss this week, I have a girls night out, a party and a weekend away all happening this weekend, so I really need to stay on track and be focussed to ensure a weight loss next week.

Tip of the week – well given everything I have said in this post I think my best most appropriate tip is to keep going, don’t give up. If the progress is slow its still progress and moving towards what you want is better than staying with what you don’t want.

Recipe of the week – Courgette and spinach open lasagne. I love courgette and lasagne so this is a winner for me!

Katiepops – well there has been a bit of a slow down with this gorgeous girls results. We had a few traumatic weeks where we thought she may have heart disease, it turns out she has a narrow airway and so finds it hard to breath, this is putting extra pressure on her heart so we are being very careful not to exercise her too much p, especially in the hot weather. Never the less she is hovering around the 10kg mark, oh how I wish she could break the 10kg barrier, so she has lost a little bit more. It’s going to be a slow road for this baby but we will get there.


So thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you all and hope that you pop by again .

Lots of love and sparkles

Lara xxx


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